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Lenny93 said:
thismeintiel said:

I can understand the difference between the Game Boy and DS.  However, what you just typed makes it seem even more in line with the PS1 and PS2.  A gaming machine that appeals to the core and casual gamer, that has additional multimedia functions (PS1 - CDs, PS2 - DVDs, PS4 - Bluray and streaming apps) as icing on the cake.

And a few points.  When the PS1 launched, CDs had been around for 12 years.  Absolutely no one was buying the $299 PS1 for its ability to play CDs.  Players could be found for less than $50.  The myth of the PS2 as a cheap DVD player needs to just stop.  When the PS2 was launched for $299 in 2000, DVD players were available for ~$150, with some being $99 during the holiday season.  By 2003, when the PS2 was $179, players were available for less than $50.  Again, absolutely no one was buying it as a "cheap" DVD player.

I knew people that bought it as a  "cheap" DVD player, because it could do that as well as games. I doubt he meant non gamers buying it as a cheap DVD player. 

I got a DVD player well before I got a PS2. I estimate only a couple of millions of those PS2s were bought solely for their DVD playback capabilities?