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jonathanalis said:

My 3DS sucessor/Switch-boy/Switch-GO concept

Key features for 3DS sucessor: portability, good price, good batery life and 3DS BC. But also, including switch central idea of switching, but in its won mode and total integration of its capabilities, and multyplayer among the home and handheld.

So, this console solve all these problems, and have 3 portable modes that you can switch among them, and they are the main focus of the console:

1-Switch mode: a 5' screen placed horizontally, you plug normal sized joy-con on its sides, like the normal switch in portable mode. And its plays all switch games. Joy-con is longer than screen side, so Roughly 25 mm of joy-con would be passing in the down side, but thats ok, this would make it look like handles of a regular controller. Joy-cons can be putted out.

2-2DS mode: Take off the joy-cons, turn the screen vertically, and plug joy-cons on the trails on the vertical side of screen. It would look like a 2DS. Cartridge slot for 3DS and DS games and play all of them. As a 3DS sucessor(and suposing Nintendo would still make 3DS games), it would be important for the transition.

3- Carry mode. In the 2 modes above, it is still not so good in portability, cant fit a pocket. So, there would be a compartment on the back of the screen with trails where you can attach the joy-cons parallel to screen. In this mode with joy-cons attacked, it would have the dimensions of a gameboy, or a closed 3DS(not the XL) and would fit a pocket. Also, in this mode it could play Nintendo mobile games playable by 1 hand like mario run, FE heros, AC, miitomo and others to come.

Aditional information:

-The package would come only the screen, a pais of joy-con and an AC adapter for charging. So, it can lower costs for selling at handheld price point.

-Aditional acessories for tabletop mode and TV plugging would be available, but optional. And it could almost work as a regular switch, and have all regular switch control options.

-Would not have a heat sink as the regular switch, so, all power would be limited to maximum power of a switch in portable mode. So, even on TV, it runs like on portable mode. The be 720p. But it is not the main porpose of the console.

- Would release in 2018 holidays, with shrinked tech compared to regular switch, so, it would be smaller on chip side, that would help designing the shape of console, also would be more energy efficient and have better batery life than regular switch.

-3DS BC, if so, why not just included first on original switch?2 reasons: 1-Nintendo is marketing the original switch as a home console, 3DS BC would puss it towards handheld, and would be against all marketing. 2- Form factor, there is no 3DS mode on switch, it was not designed for it, the 3 pilars are docked, tabletop and portable with horizontal screen.

-(Editted due below comments) Price: Well, Im aiming 150$ price on proposed device. 180$ max. Notice that i mentioned it would release 2018 holidays. By its time, normal switch would be 250$(or even bundled with a game). Also, nintendo is selling dock for 90$ and grip for 15$,only by diching them and the HDMI cable would reduce almost 80$. By the end of 2018, they could reduce even more of switch price and size if it is in a new shinked technology. So, it can certainly fit on handheld price point.

That way, nintendo would have a 3DS sucessor primaly e foremost focused on handheld, with handheld price point, good batery life, fit in pocket, and BC with some home console features. And would also have the regular switch, a home console with handheld features. Each one has its own advantages and selling points that the other doesnt have, but mostly runs the same games and both with its own switch capabilities. I think it is the perfect solution for the new switch era. Switch-boy/Switch-GO/Switchiny and Switch. =)


Sorry...didn't know you had already made this.  I've included your post here.