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jason1637 said:
NobleTeam360 said:
Next gen? So I guess the next Xbox is under development already? I don't know why he would say next gen for Xbox One, this gen is already 4 years (basically) in. Unless he considers the Xbox One X next gen? Or maybe I'm making too much out of his use of the words "next gen"

Xbox One X. This was posted before the E3 show and Phill said they don't have another xbox in development and if they did it's too early for devs to have a developer kit so he's talking about Xbox One X.

I mean, why would they have another Xbox in development - 5 months before their new flagship launches?!
Who asked that kind of stuff?


Anyway, this is a recruiter, like myself. This is probably only to gain attention and does not indicate that the finished game will be like Horizon.
Maybe just in scale to make sure the candidates get that It has a big budget and is exclusive.

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