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B-Real206 said:

I think it's just that the Xbox has no identity of its own. Is Forza 7 available for preorder? Crackdown3? At this point it's a multiplatform machine only if all your friends are there or you're a die-hard Xbox gamer. He'll maybe people are really holding off for the $499 X. I don't believe they are but maybe. Could be Xbox gamers only shop at Walmart and GameStop.


I just can't believe they hyped this machine up for a year and didn't have fcc approval in time for E3. Major Nelson said he had a working version in his house since March.

I don't think Xbox is missing an identity entirely, but it does seem a bit stagnant and has for a few years. They have done well with services and building the Scorpio, but even so there isn't much excitement outside the biggest Xbox fans.