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Monty said: I don't believe that the 360 sold as well from Dec 26th - Dec 31st, which is why I didn't cite it at the 250k that would have been the straight "average" (43k times 6 days). I instead said 200k... 50k less than the average. And, again... it was a rough estimate to try to reach a total. It's a pretty pointless disucssion as it was likely VERY close, and wasn't part of a major point... If you believe the total to be 150k (or whatever you believe) it wouldn't make a difference in the ultimate point. Also, to revisit the Canada/Mexico argument, you called my 800k firgure "absurd" and that it "defies all locgic" a minute ago. You added that Canada was "not" above 350k by itself. Now you're trying to tell me that was a figure that was out of date by 2 months, and the total for Canada alone is about 500k? So, if Mexico even sold a mere 200-300k in 14 months, then my figure doesn't seem so "absurd" anymore, does it? Was this one of those other times that I was "proven wrong" as you keep saying? I've yet to find where I've been proven wrong on any statistic. But, now that I've proven you wrong, I'm sure you'll try to say you were "mistaken"?
Monty, seriously, drop the Mexico thing. There are very little, if any consoles sold in Mexico- any that are would be imports from the USA and have already been counted as the man has said. It is a traditional rule of thumb that has been used for the last 20 years that NA ~ 1.1 * USA NPD It works for every other console and software title out there, and it has also been common to have 2m+ units unsold just after christmas. Shipments before are always huge and then pretty small for the first 3-6 months of the next year. Personally I don't see how Xbox360 can be over 5 million NA at this point, never mind the sorts of figures you are suggesting. I think someone made a good point that if vgcharts is arriving at the figures for all 3 consoles using the same methodology then how can they be accused of being biased? If they take the same raw data from the same sources and do the same calculations on it to get the final figure for all 3 then how can they be any fairer than that?