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This price does fall in line with what I had been expecting it to be.....

I real shocker in all this is that all this time there has/had been an increasing number of people making the x1x out to be this generation defining trump card from MS.

I think people are going to be surprised how little everyone that doesn't have a PC cares about 4k gaming now. Especially when its $500.

What I don't get about MS though is this. They saw first hand what a $500/$600 price tag did to the mighty PlayStation brand. Their most successful console so far rode on the back of that herculean sony fuck up. Yet they released the xb1 at $500. That tanked....... and nw they are "again" releasing the x1x at $500?Like don't they learn?

Here is the kicker.... by the time this console is out, you will be able to buy a PS4 for less than half its price..... and play the exact same games that it plays....... that 4k better stream diamonds.


Is it just me? or were the people cheering during the xb1 conference "planted".....

I mean, cheering for 4k bluray plyback and memory bandwidth? Like really?