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CGI-Quality said:

.....and mine Day 1!

Me too! It's actually cheaper than I expected. Only $650 AUD.

Should be able to get $150 for my crappy old launch Xbox One.

Lafiel said:

accurate price for a 360mm² 16nm process APU with a liquid cooling system, 12GB of GDDR5 ram and power management to make every chip run at it's optimal power state

but in the console business this historically hasn't been much of a mass market price

It's not a liquid cooling system in the traditional sense. It's vapour chamber cooling with a blower fan. Please don't give people the wrong idea.

The Xbox One had a chip that was 363mm2. The S variant reduced that by 33%.
Scorpio at 360mm2~ isn't new ground for Microsoft.

5drew00 said:
Switch is $200 less than Xbox One X which is why Switch will keep selling out and X will not sell.

Clearly you don't fully understand what Scorpio is meant for if you think that.

The Xbox One S isn't going away. That is the low-cost alternative.

Chris Hu said:
Not that it would make a huge difference but for $499 it should have used 14nm chips instead of 16nm chips well at least its even smaller then the X1 S.

Whhaat... You do realise it makes no real difference? They are both based on 20nm anyway.

Arkaign said:

However, X1X as well as PS4P are hobbled by fairly awful Jaguar CPUs, which will continue the heavy low-FPS in major stuff like Destiny, Wildlands, Shadow of War, almost certainly RDR2, etc.

So the 'power' gamers would be more likely to just go to PC and play at 60FPS+ right?

Missing one tiny point though. Which Digital Foundry elaborated on.

Allot of processing that is typically done on the CPU to drive graphics... Is gone. It's done on the GPU's command processor now.
Sure, it's the same garbage Jaguar... But it is clocked higher, it does less work. It's not apples to apples with the other consoles.

SuperBott said:

no thanks for a checkerboard 4K

Scorpio supports checkerboard.

thismeintiel said:

Definitely agree.  This isn't going to hurt the PS4 at all. 

Sony has the Generation locked in.
Sony simply executed better than Microsoft at every step this generation and they were awarded for that with great sales.

The Switch is also doing well, bringing up the rear.

I think if anyone was expecting Scorpio to set the world on fire and shift 10's of millions of devices, then they were seriously not understanding it's market  positioning. If Sony isn't pulling crazy sales with the Pro, it's understandable the same would translate to Scorpio.

Super_Boom said:
Unpopular opinion...but I think this is a bit too expensive for what I want out of it.

Just my opinion though...I won't push it on anyone. :)

Your opinion is resonating with allot of people at the moment. So it is a fair assessment.

I'm not to bothered by the price personally. $650 AUD is perfectly reasonable, I actually expected it higher.