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Faelco said:

I was arguing right here just yesterday about "logic and analysis" against "but the new Jesus Phil Spencer is teasing an awesome conference, so it will be awesome!".

I'm just laughing about it now. When will people learn? Just like the famous trip to Japan... "OMG, Phil is going to Japan, he will bring back some good stuff!" Yeah, a Dragon Ball trailer, great stuff. Once again, logical and expected though.

About Phil Spencer himself, I've been saying for 2 years that he's just a PR robot with 0 real results in the last 9 years he's been at the head of Microsoft Studios and then Xbox, and that he's failing just as much as Don Mattrick, with just more fake promises on his Twitter. Glad to see that 2 years later, more and more people are seeing this!

He's not a robot. He's fully biological, and was hatched from a pod.

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