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WolfpackN64 said:
ironmanDX said:

Unstable? They just managed to squeeze another gig of ram out of the OS and reserve it for developers.

If it was unstable on the Scorpio, this simply wouldn't be possible.

Of course the Xbox One Scorpio wouldn't need to run teh background apps that make up the largest part of Windows terrible RAM managment, so they have that advantage, but unless they have a seperate update scheme for the Xbox, running Windows 10 S would make it a lesser console.

Can you name an OS that has superior memory management to windows?

Apple's OSX has been bonkers on that front since Lion... Maverick pushed compression to make up for it.
In my opinion Windows is actually pretty decent these days, especially considering how well it runs on Bay Trail devices with a paltry 2GB of memory.

The fact that Microsoft is running multiple OS's on Xbox and can do everything the PS4's OS can do like downloading in the background... And still use the same/less memory is a testament to Microsoft's software engineering.

gentii said:

Chris Plante goes further and asserts that the console could use Windows 10 S as an operating system with the aim of spreading the Windows ecosystem to as many homes as possible and offering consumers a truly compatible Media Center obviously with games And multimedia applications of all kinds.

Xbox One is already using the Windows 10 Kernel though.
Windows 10 S still uses the Windows 10 Kernel AFAIK.