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NATO said:
Tsaki said:

Putting more memory bumps up the cost of the console. By your logic, they could put in 16 GB of GDDR5 and sell the console at $1000. I bet everyone would buy it then.

Do you realize you can buy GDDR5 modules in bulk for under $2 per 500mb module?, so you could bump a systems memory by 4gb for a BOM increase of at most, $16?

Do you think a BOM increase of $16 would increase the consoles price from the rumored $400 mark, to $1000?


That BOM is just for the chips themselves. There are additional costs.

You need a better memory controller to drive more chips, better power delivery, more traces on the motherboard... And if you need higher grade modules that clock higher or hit a lower voltage.. They come at a premium.

But you are right, it wouldn't add hundreds to the overall costs.

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