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Vertigo-X said:
NATO said:

Should have just put more memory in to begin with, leaves way too easy a path to be overtaken again in the not to distant future, and if Scorpio loses its "most powerful console" shtick, it loses everything.

Geez, you make it sound like people should just throw away their PS4 Pro's now. :(

you mean like launch xbone buyers when the S launched? and then again for the scorpio?

It's clear that both Sony and Microsoft are gunning for shorter generations with intermediatory hardware steps, relying on the architectures backwards compatibility to wave of criticism.

frankly anyone who cares enough about graphics quality to be upset by a better console releasing than the one they have should just bite the bullet and get into high end pc gaming, why wait for console manufacturers to release a proper 4k console when if you were a pc gamer you could have had that a long time ago?

It's stupid, the only good thing to come from consoles getting more powerful is that developers are less likely to gimp pc versions because the shitty spec consoles are holding the engine back.