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SuperBott said:
nice. 9GB RAM is a lot.

*Looks at PC's 8GB GPU and 32GB System Ram.*

pbroy said:

Sucks. They could have put snap back in with TV. Graphics don't matter people, M$ didn't get the memo? I want my premium experience with features, not graphics. I hope the UI doesn't suffer because of this. Xbone got squeezed for more resources and power, therefor gimping our UI. When all M$ needed to do was give us games.

To be honest.. I don't miss snap. But I hate the new dash. It's convoluted.
...But this is coming from someone who liked the Blades interface on the Original Xbox.

Machiavellian said:

This right here is something I like to here and can make a clear direct feel to the gamer.  One thing we have seen is that some games have huge loading times like Tekken 7.  Reducing that time down to seconds instead of minutes would make the scorpio the platform of choice for games that take very long to load after saves or other things.  Eliminating studdering in Open world games.   Looking forward to see if developers take advantage of this extra memory as a cache.

If all things are equal, it should take longer to fill the memory up if you increase it's capacity unless storage speed gets a massive boost. Which it won't. It's using a mechanical and optical disk drive.

shikamaru317 said:

MS also reduced the latency of the connection between the motherboard and the hard drive by 50% I hear, which should also have an appreciable impact on loading times. 

Yeah. They took advantage of the improvements to the bus. But... It is still a mechanical disk drive and thus you won't ever get low latencies.
For that you need an SSD.

For sequential data and stuff that is already loaded into buffers, it should mean absolutely nothing in the real world.

Conina said:
Captain_Yuri said:
  It's only 1 more gb than what the x1 currently has.

No, you are comparing total RAM (Xbox One) versus available RAM for games (Scorpio)

Also. If a game only uses 5GB of Ram on Scorpio, then Scorpio will use the free ram as cache to improve performance for everything else.

malistix1985 said:

The biggest thing is checkerboarding = horrible thing for developers, many developers said it and thats why they don't do it in most cases. Sure first party sony games will look good checkerboarded but it still takes a few weeks to do.

Native 4k = Click done. Because the PC version will have the native 4k anyway as long as a console will handle it it should be there.

Don't forget that Scorpio is also able to use Checkerboarding. It's not a Sony invention (Like what Cerny would try and make you believe) it's an AMD one.

Hynad said:

1- First time I ever hear about this. Source?

2- What are you on about? 

He is technically correct. Because... As you lower the resolution, the GPU is doing less work and thus no longer becomes the main bottleneck... It's got allot more spare processing for higher framerates.
But the CPU load generally doesn't change with lowered resolutions and thus becomes the main bottleneck and will often hold back your framerates.

It's not always the case, there are a few exceptions, but it's a general principle that holds true.

bonzobanana said:

So my Xbox one will run all the same games at 720p or 900p where as the Scorpio will run them at 4k or supersample 4k to 1080p?

The Xbox one will still run games with resolutions between 720P - 1080P.

Scorpio will run games at what the developers have allowed and no more.

If a game on Xbox One uses a dynamic resolution like Battlefield 1 or Overwatch which spends the majority of it's time under 1080P... Then on Scorpio they will be full 1080P games. They won't start running at 4k.
A developer actually needs to do the work to make games 4k on Scorpio.

As for Supersampling, all Scorpio 4k-optimised games will super sample at 1080P.
The games rendering resolution remains at whatever the developer decides, the console will just upscale or downscale to meet your displays resolution.

FIT_Gamer said:
Are there any games that would honestly need 9GB of RAM?

PC Games often do for higher quality assets.

Conina said:

Perhaps Star Citizen gets ported to Scorpio ;)

The GPU has the grunt, but would the CPU though? That's the real question.


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