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Turkish said:

Am I the only one not excited about these specs from Scorpio? I mean 9GB ram is great, but knowing that there won't be any Scorpio exclusives making use of it, it doesn't really excite me. It's essentially all for the benefit of 4K: higher res assets etc of current gen games. 3rd parties arent gonna make a next gen game on their own either.

I hope I'm wrong and MS shows a Scorpio exclusive.

Jigsawx1 said:
Nice this will bring game development forward


You probably are not the only one not excited but that does not mean that the specs and engineering is not top for the time frame.  Its a mid gen console so it will not have any exclusives just like the PS4 Pro does not have any exclusives.  MS has already stated multiple times no exclusives for scorpio so you can pretty much kill that one on your wish list.  The key for MS is if they can show significant better visuals for previous and current games coming out.  If not then the scorpio will be regulated as a very nich device (I already believe its nich).