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Hynad said:

Seeing how the PS4 manages to do pretty good with checkerboarding with quite a bit less horsepower, I am curious to see how much of a leap Scorpio will be over it, when it comes to 4K imagery. This amount of RAM will sure help deliver a crisper image.

My 4K HDR TV is ready for it. Here's hoping MS will deliver the goods (as in: 4K supported games) this next sunday.

The biggest thing is checkerboarding = horrible thing for developers, many developers said it and thats why they don't do it in most cases. Sure first party sony games will look good checkerboarded but it still takes a few weeks to do.

Native 4k = Click done. Because the PC version will have the native 4k anyway as long as a console will handle it it should be there.

So for third party support on higher resolutions this extra memory will be a must-have in combination with the extra memory bandwith and horsepower, for higher resolution the CPU actually isn't a big deal. When you checkerboard however you are natively running the game at a lower resolution and the lower the resolution the more CPU dependend the game becomes.

Either way its an impressive amount they managed to free up and its a big deal because if developers cannot get to the higher resolutions the resources will go to waste, something that third parties are already showing with some lackluster ps4 pro supported titles.

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