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More than four years ago I registered an account on this site, but the confirmation e-mail wouldn't work.  I registered a second account with a second e-mail, and the confirmation e-mail didn't work that time either.  It might've been something wrong with my computer specifically but I wouldn't know, and when I e-mailed whatever was listed as the contact for this place I didn't hear back.  Then I quickly forgot all about it, even though I still checked in with the main VGChartz site from time to time.

Recently I noticed this forum again, and decided to get the confirmation e-mail resent.  This time it worked.  No idea what the record is for length of time between someone registering an account at a board and making the first post under that account, but 4+ years is definitely my personal record.

Anyways, I've been gaming since the NES.  I've played a bunch of different systems and games over the decades but the past few years have been spent mostly on Nintendo and PC, and will likely remain that way for the time being.

From what I've seen of this place so far it seems to be a really good place.  I've enjoyed the game-related discussions that go on here, and the tone is more civil than what I've seen from message boards in general in the past.  Looking forward to spending more time here.

Eventually I'll get an avatar that took more than three seconds of my consideration.  (I just opened a random folder on my hard drive and this was the first pic that amused me.)