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piopakk said:
Already the pattern in those answers suggests that the general feeling towards the scorpio is, that the console is DOA. What is MS thinking? I mean they must have had given thoughts about the scorpio proposition in todays console market.
Obviously MS started designing and engineering the scorpio years ago, when it was hard to predict todays market, and they will stick to their plan by releasing it now. But why?
As there are no obvious incentives for gamers to buy it, even from XboxOne owners, what arre they doing?
Perhaps it is just a 'fill in the gap' mission to counter the PS4/Pro line, but where MS is not believing it will sell that much. It could therefore just be a pscyhological effect for consumers.

You should read Barozi's comment below:

Barozi said:
lol I know it's a gaming forum and thus incredibly biased towards people with niche gaming habits, but let's face facts. Games matter, not exclusives. Every GTA or CoD is more important than any exclusive. That has been proven time and time again. GTA, CoD, BF and FIFA (among many others) are bigger system sellers than Horizon, Forza or Dawn of War III. Unless the exclusive is a mega franchise like Halo, Gran Turismo or Mario Kart.
When consumers can play those multi plat games with far improved graphics at a price that can challenge a decent PC rig, then consumers will buy it.

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