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Lawlight said:
Nuvendil said:

The Switch is being sold at a $100+ markup, the fact it is even or slightly higher than the PS4 (2 SKUs in the top 25 vs 1 SKU) is impressive in itself.  And it's being sold at a markup because it has sold out every new shipment almost instantly, hence why both SKUS are above the PS4's highest in the monthly charts.

It's the same price as the PS4 on release though. In any case, this shipment has been lasting several days now.

Wat?  This shipment isn't lasting, these are resellers or small time retailers who sat on a paltry numer to sell for $400. But the Switch has been available 100% of the time on Amazon for these markups.  It's sold out on Amazon itself, like the majority of locations of ever major retailer in this country.  That's why it is being marked up by $100 on Amazon.