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Captain_Yuri said:

I am sure this will be a god tier port. What turns me off is the amount of dlc the first one had and how with the sequel, everything has been reset. Yea it's a sequel but I am really not a fan of the way they handled the first one.

Still, at least the pc port will be amazing for those who want to play it.

I feel like they backed themselves into a corner with the move they made, in making the first game exclusive to consoles, they locked PC gamers out of the lore and the game itself. Now they bring the second game to PC, they have to wipe the slate clean or take on an even bigger worload by jamming in content from the first game in a way that brings PC gamers up to speed with events from the first game.

They do have another team helping Bungie with the PC version (before anyone gives all the credit to Bungie, who hasn't worked on a PC game in a very long time), so I'd say it could be possible for them to add in a few quests from the first game, like a flashback series of quests, think of them as you will the Caverns of time from WoW (where you entered various time portals and took on quests during those events in time, like when Arthas laid waste to Stratholme or Thrall escaping from Durnholde), in fact, I'm sure that a caverns of time like setting could aid them in bringing PC gamers up to speed with the frist game. It worked for WoW, it could work with Destiny 2. 


Apparently it's already been going well for those that played it at the event. PCGamer's other article had them hyping it quite a lot based on their demo session. It could very well be the GTA V of 2017. I'm still going to remain skeptical though, as anything could happen from now till release.