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oniyide said:
PS3 had a horrid start and that managed to go pass 80 mil. No reason for Switch to do the same, especially if they can market it later as more of a portable or make a straight up portable SKU.

All these companies have declined, big deal. Sure Ninty's might look worse but they also feel from higher.

Yes that is very true the PS3 had an awful start because it was quite literally sandwiched by developers, from one side, who were not interested whatsoever in dealing with the unusual CBE implemented in the PS3 and infuriated fans, from the other side, who did not like the price ($500 - $600) and the lack of games. It took some real hard work to bring the PS3 back to competition including painful price cuts, heavy investment in new IPs and indie games. Sony seems to have learnt a painful lesson from the PS3 experience which is translated now to the huge success of the PS4 plus an element of luck because of MS XB1 screw ups. 

I'm not against Nintendo or any company nor I'm blindly defending any of those video game companies like some of the fan kids here and there. I'm simply saying that with its gimmicks that will wear off rapidly coupled with its sluggish performance even in its launch game, the future of the Nintendo Switch seems quite alarming. Nintendo isn't investing enough in hardware performance, an attractive component to both developers and consumers. So what I'm predicting is that third party developers will abandon it quite rapidly because of its under-performance when compared to other consoles in the market and also I'm predicting that the lifespan of the Nintendo switch will be quite short. Sale figures will never reach the Wii galactical numbers nor it's going to be as bad as the wii U, maybe slightly above the wii U.