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No one with Cynophobia? (fear of dogs)

Specifically dobermans (really hate these dogs), when I was young I was bit by one that knocked me off my bike, on my way home. So close to home, but fear stricken, I couldnt move, I just curled up into a ball. Eventually the dog(s) ran off (there where two of them) (a neighbor saw me, and came and scared them off). I got home, and in any case I was with a friend that got back to my home and told my parents, that then quickly came.

A house owner, near a field didnt treat their dogs right (these dogs hated humans), and didnt bother to walk them, they just opened a gate and let them run around outside in the nearby field.

My dad was enraged, he and the father of the friend, got some bats and went out looking for the dogs.
They didnt find them, they where back inside with their owners. However they where put down (not sure who does that sort of thing) because of a complaint about mistreatment of the dogs (I wasnt the only one they had attacked, it happend often).


Today my fear of dogs is much better though. Its also not tied to the size of the dog. Big friendly dogs = okay.

Big aggressive dogs that bark and jump or run around you.... yeah I seriously dislike that.

Even if I know the dog is fenced in, I try to avoid getting close to such dogs.