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the_dengle said:
Zod95 said:

PS4 does not have to be added to PSV to be successful. PS4 is selling more than 15M per year and is at 57% market share. If that's not a success then NES isn't either. And I think NES was a tremendous success.

Nah, Turkish and others here have made it clear that it's fine to just mush all the numbers together. A mere 150 million PS4 sales would represent stagnation for Sony's install base since last gen.

Maybe because they see NS as a "mushed" concept. If NS is the successor of both the WiiU and 3DS it's just natural to sum home console + handheld sales on each generation.

PS4 was not the successor of both PS3 and PSP. Your comparison makes no sense.

As for the "Sony's stagnation" that's just false. Who did you see here calling stagnation if NS sells 250M (Wii + DS sales)?

Prediction made in 14/01/2014 for 31/12/2020:      PS4: 100M      XOne: 70M      WiiU: 25M

Prediction made in 01/04/2016 for 31/12/2020:      PS4: 100M      XOne: 50M      WiiU: 18M

Prediction made in 15/04/2017 for 31/12/2020:      PS4: 90M      XOne: 40M      WiiU: 15M      Switch: 20M

Prediction made in 24/03/2018 for 31/12/2020:      PS4: 110M      XOne: 50M      WiiU: 14M      Switch: 65M