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Pemalite said:
niceguygameplayer said:

Exclusives still matter. Phil doesn't seem to get that. Also, he seems to fail to recognise that ppl still want single player games too. I prefer single player games with deep stories myself.

He does understand that exclusives still matter.

He also doesn't discount that people still want single player games and he even stated he prefers single player games over multiplayer games himself.
I think people have twisted and blown his single vs multiplayer statements out of proportion.

It's a fact that in general multiplayer games tend to draw in bigger crowds, sell more copies than a single player experience.
Take Overwatch for example at something like 30? Million copies. Even the likes of Battlefield and Call of Duty are popular because of their multiplayer and not the singleplayer...
Of course you have the likes of Horizon and Zelda, but for every one of those games you have 10X big multiplayer games.

In general it's hard to dispute that multiplayer games are dominating the industry right now and that's the point he is making.

The problem at hand is that Xbox fans are not supporting exclusives as much as they should (and the Xbox One is outselling the 360), let alone single player exclusives. This time last gen (third year)Halo was selling record breaking numbers. Its not all Phils fault. The guy tried. He got Ryse, Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break and the fans did not respond promptly like all the other fans did of other brands to single player experiences.