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Pemalite said:
niceguygameplayer said:

Exclusives still matter. Phil doesn't seem to get that. Also, he seems to fail to recognise that ppl still want single player games too. I prefer single player games with deep stories myself.

He does understand that exclusives still matter.

He also doesn't discount that people still want single player games and he even stated he prefers single player games over multiplayer games himself.
I think people have twisted and blown his single vs multiplayer statements out of proportion.

It's a fact that in general multiplayer games tend to draw in bigger crowds, sell more copies than a single player experience.
Take Overwatch for example at something like 30? Million copies. Even the likes of Battlefield and Call of Duty are popular because of their multiplayer and not the singleplayer...
Of course you have the likes of Horizon and Zelda, but for every one of those games you have 10X big multiplayer games.

In general it's hard to dispute that multiplayer games are dominating the industry right now and that's the point he is making.

niceguygameplayer said:

Also, there are little Japanese games (my favorite) on XB1. Phil took a trip to Japan recently. Maybe he is just realizing his mistakes. I hope his trip made a difference. Hopefully there will be many more Japanese games coming to Xbox.

Xbox is never going to be big in Japan. The Japanese seem to be fairly xenophobic, I would love to see more Japanese games on the platform... But after three console generations if you expect the Xbox to be a Japanese game powerhouse, then you are kidding yourself, it's never going to happen. And that's okay.

niceguygameplayer said:

With the Nintendo Switch, XB1 is now running 3rd place weekly. Crackdown and Sea of Thieves won't be near enough. Phil still has a chance however!

I agree, Crackdown and Sea of Thieves won't be enough. They don't seem to have much in the way of Hype surrounding them either.
I hope they are both extremely successfull, especially in regards to Sea of Thieves, would hate to see Microsoft close down Rare.

niceguygameplayer said:

1. Stop with the PC crap. If someone is going to pay high dollar for Scorpio, you might as well invest in a PC instead if the games are coming to PC too. Make the Scorpio games exclusive, or at least 6 month timed exclusive. I mean Xbox exc!usive, not just Scorpio. That brings me to my second point.

As a PC gamer I will own both a Scorpio and a PC. I like my games on both paltforms so I can seamlessly move between them.

niceguygameplayer said:

2. Have Scorpio games be compatible with XB1 for one year so that XB1 owners will get five full years of support. Then go to Scorpio games only, because it is powerful enough to be next generation. Staying XB1 compatible will hold it's potential back... and sales.

It really isn't powerful enough to be classed as next-gen.

niceguygameplayer said:

3. Do not price Scorpio higher than $450. Even if it means short term loss, it will get the system out there. Remember guys, PS4 Pro could be cut to $350 with Horizon packed in.

I don't think you understand the point of Scorpio if you expect a low price?

niceguygameplayer said:

4. Get more games out! This E3 had better be full of new game announcements.

Yasss. More games are good.

niceguygameplayer said:

5. Get aggressive again. Get Call of Duty back in 2018 for a start. It's a sales console war. Start acting like it Phil. He seems to be a nice guy, but nice won't win the console war.

Ehh. Microsoft seems to have drifted towards Battlefield instead anyway, which is Call of Duty's main competitor.
Leverage that partnership instead.

craighopkins said:
He seems to be letting rare do its thing and he gave us halo wars 2

Halo Wars sold pretty terribly though didn't it? Even on PC I don't think it did well.

craighopkins said:
Killer Instinct was awesome too, so he know hardcore fans need games. I think he has plans for fable

Killer Instinct is probably the best fighting game of the generation.
Hopefully they do bring Fable back for a 4th entry, but how good will it be without Lionhead at the helm?

LudicrousSpeed said:
Xbox still makes money. He has done a phenomenal job cleaning up the mess of Mattrick. I don't think he is on any tight rope of any sort.

Agreed. I think the Xbox has done well considering how badly it did initially.

Snoopy said:

I liked Halo 5 (sp story was meh, but the mp was better than the previous Halo games). What Phil needs to do is keep investing into service based games, because that is the future.

Halo 5 was horrible.
The campaign was garbage and the Multiplayer was minimal/bare-bones and lacked basic features like Split Screen and Forge.
It only had a tiny selection of maps and the Multiplayer got infected with Microtransactions.
The graphics were also pretty mediocre, but that was a compromise to hit the 60fps target, even though the entire game doesn't run at 60fps anyway.

Sure, they have invested time and money to turn that around, but they did end up bleeding allot of gamers who moved onto other games.

niceguygameplayer said:

Billions? Are you sure? I don't know about that lately. Anyway, they could do much better. Phil has done well, but maybe someone else needs to take the wheel now. To take them to the next level. 

At this point I think this generation has been sealed. I don't think you can do anything to change things around substantually.
Just try and keep current gamers happy, maybe draw in a few more and start planning for next gen.

S.T.A.G.E. said:
Hes better than Mattrick, but he still has not fixed Microsoft's first party problem and keeps relying on third party to create IP (which means they are beholden to their effort and talents for sequels. 

If anything he has potentially made the 1st party issue even more severe by closing down a few studios.

Nothing wrong with sequels though. Call of Duty, Battlefield, Assassins Creed, FarCry, Halo, Gears, Forza and more have been stupidly successfull because of that. It's when you don't have anything to break the cycle that things gets tiring.

thismeintiel said:
I doubt his job is in trouble. I think the HW division of Xbox is, though. If Scorpio does little to nothing for the XBO's sales, then MS is going to seriously reconsider having a XB2 come out. Sales that are really declining lately. We're probably going to see two months in a row, now, that the XBO hasn't been in the Top 100 on Amazon, while the Switch and PS4 remain in the Top 20. And when this is your strongest region and right now the #100 thing for the month is a cheap 3rd party Joy-con Wheel peripheral, that's not good.

Microsoft has attempted to hide any financial losses by juggling the Xbox between departments during financial briefings.

I don't think the Hardware Division of Xbox is in trouble though, I think at most it might be spun off into it's own entitiy where profit becomes extremely important.
Otherwise, just like Surface, Microsoft will keep the Xbox around, it's brand/platform helps sell more services, so losses on the hardware is okay.

Some mp games sell better not all. Don't forget ther e are games like Evolve, Battleborn, Street Fighter 5 etc. 


Then you have single player games like Bloodborne, Fallout, Skyrim, Witcher 3, Uncharted 4 etc that all sold really well thanks to their sp campaigns. 


A game will sell well whether it's mp or sp focused based on the quality and marketing it receives. 

Whoever said life to be like a box of chocolates clearly didn't know what he was talking about. 

Life is more like a game of bumper cars. At every turn there is a possibility you will get screwed.