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SegataSanshiro said:
VGPolyglot said:
I thought that he's been considered to be a success? Especially after following Don Mattrick.

Eh Xbox sales still less than half of PS4. Very little Japanese support. Cancelled 3 games people were looking forward to. Damaged releations with a major 3rd party in Japan which they are in need more of not less. While PS4 has dominated with exclusives so far this year and Switch making a lot of buzz and sales with Zelda and a Wii U port. They are eating Xbox's lunch. MS has made little effort so far to respond. All they really did was stealth release Halo Wars 2...or at least felt like a stealth release. Better than Don yes but still seems like he's not doing a great job. Phil feels more like a yes man who is a PR guy while others calls the shots and he is just the public face.

Agreed.  I think Mattrick was the same way, only he was worse at the PR.  Of course, Spencer has had it backfire on him lately.  Calling out people for practices that MS practically invented or perfected.  OKing NPD PR that means nothing.  Constantly hyping up the Scorpio as the next big thing, an entire year before it even launches.  Practically saying its better to have less games, since all the ones he's cancelled were going to be stinkers anyway.  Or so he says.

It's why I hate people who just blindly use Mattrick as a scapegoat.  Sure, he sucked.  But he was just a symptom, not a cause of Xbox's problems.  The problem is MS's attitude towards console gaming.  They entered the market for the wrong reason.  Not because of passion, like Nintendo and Sony.  But, to defeat the PS because they saw it as competition for Windows/PCs.  And MS got very arrogant after last gen, and thought they could push some very bad policies onto the gaming community, trying to control many aspects of their customer's gaming life.  Only God knows why they thought they could get away with it, since they came in 3rd.  Sure it was a close 3rd, but that doesn't change that they came in last.