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Pemalite said:
Mr Puggsly said:
I can't say I'm entirely happy with Trump, although there are numerous I do like he has done.

You should only regret voting for Trump if you think Hillary would have been better. Those were our options, Hillary and Trump. We knew Hilary would have been bad, so we had to take a chance on Trump.

But didn't Hilary get more votes? So really the people didn't choose trump.

I'm not terribly up to speed on the electorial process in the USA though. But I assume people actually vote for electors, which can deviate from the peoples vote, certainly not the most elegant way to make democracy work, that's for sure.

Its done that way because the United States of America is a Union of like minded States. Each state gets proportional voting for the president based on their populations. The USA federal government is similar to the EU, just with more authority over member states than the EU and more control over spending.