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So far he is looking good for a second term. More jobs, better economy, and the dems are still stuck in Russia did it, and the media hasn't changed their tunes either. I considered them fake news long before Trump ever said anything, as do soo many people. That why drudge gets such wide readership. No one trusts the news any more, it too one sided and biased to trust any more, and the lack of trust in the news will only hurt the dems as they rely on it so much. Since their veiws are counter to common sense they need the news and media to constantly shove ideas down our throats until people give up and accept them as fact. Like this war on drugs and poverty, its going no where and both are getting worse. Same with immigration, allowing everyone in from everywere only makes the source countries of immigration worse off as there is no point in fixing their problems if people just leave, and it amkes America worse as they bring their crime and problems with them.