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JRPGfan said:
Areym said:

I'm not tech savvy in terms of numbers but I think the gap is clearly noticeable to the average/casual gamer. Granted, Nintendo does a fantastic job of working around relatively weaker systems with beautiful art direction but I mean if you put (HERE IT COMES) HZD/Uncharted 4 next to BotW/mario Odyssey, you can see just the raw difference in the graphics, textures, details, etc. If we're talking power or performance of games, Switch games have to be less demanding so I think most Switch games would probably perform better than a PS4/Xb1 game which can be very taxing on the systems. If Switch games keep staying conservative on demand that their games put on the console, I think all 3 will run their games with solid performance. Also, I don't think you're gonna sway anybody with Snake Pass and Lego city comparisons.

Again, I don't know jack shit about nothing but that's my hot take.

Good point.





Artstyle + cel shadeing ect, can hide alot of faults, but like the nature stuff is alot better looking in HZD, so are the characters.

It's always a false direction to compare first party titles. You could only compare them if GG for example would have to make a game (or even the same) on the Switch in that example.

How would Uncharted look if it was ND coding for 360 or Xbone? We don't know and we will never know because you can't really compare them. Different team, different talent, different emphasis on how to make a game.