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I don't think really think so.

I think if you want to point at things Nintendo themselves is probably not happy with it would be more that they allowed Niantic to publish Pokemon Go (this probably cost them several hundred millions of dollars) and Mario Run with the $9.99 thing was not a good idea.

2DS/3DS is for kids. If anything I think it gives Nintendo more flexibility to keep marketing the Switch at adults, which is good. For a 5/6/7/8 year old, 2DS/3DS is good enough, you don't need some cutting edge portable console for kiddies. It introduces them to all the Nintendo IP staples and Pokemon. Once they get older they can graduate up to Switch. What's the problem here? You really want Nintendo diverting marketing resources for Switch to go aim at 6 year olds?

NES Classic is more controversial, having said that if they have big plans for Switch VC/back catalog games, then I think cutting the NES Classic is the correct move (though I understand consumers being pissed off). You devalue that back catalog to Switch if you're offering the games in a different way. BUT I will say that on the basis that VC/back catalog is much better utilized on Switch. There's a lot they can do with it (like adding online play to older titles as they've already said). If they just axed the NES Classic to have a half-assed VC service on Switch, then no, that's bad.