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Also a big factor in its performance level is how it switches between the low power 150 gflops and 384 gflops modes on the fly. This isn't normal for consoles and clearly the Switch does it instantly on the fly. From all accounts the Switch doesn't fully utilise that 384 gflops at all but instead just uses the performance boost to either upscale or anti-alias. I've not heard of any games currently that load higher quality graphic assets when you dock the Switch and with the very low 25.6GB/s memory bandwidth I think the docked mode is more bottlenecked.

The figure of 384 gflops may not be realistic at all because most of that performance is untapped so the console can instantly switch to portable mode without having to reload the game. I.e. 2 graphic output drivers a bit like a pc connected to 2 screens but toggles between each display.

If the Switch cpu performance is 16,000-18,000 mips but one cpu core is completely taken for the operating system then we are left with 12,000-13,000 mips in cpu performance, easily much better than wii u but still very much behind xbox 360 and ps3. The ps3 with the dual thread power pc main chip plus the 7 cell processors is something ridiculous like 35,000-40,000 mips, the 360 is 20,000 mips I think. The ps3 loses one cell processor for the operating system and the 360 one of its six threads so I guess the 360 drops to 17,000 mips and the ps3 maybe 32-35,000 mips. Both ps4 and xbox one never pushed the envelope when it came to cpu performance and are around 38-45,000 mips and again one of the 8 cpu's is used for the operating system.

I've said it many times but Skyrim will be a good guide to Switch performance. It's a game on many systems with fairly high demands especially the cpu. It will be interesting to see how the Switch copes. We have seen the Tegra Shield box fail to run good versions of pc ports and that is 2x the cpu power of Switch and I guess 3x the gpu because it does't have to run at a low power portable mode.

Personally I think the Switch will struggle with some 360 and ps3 conversions because of low cpu resources. It isn't as bad as wii u but it is only slightly better.

However the Switch does have a gpu feature set much more advanced than 360 and ps3 and so can achieve new effects and do some functions more efficiently. Tile based rendering assists greatly and makes better use of limited memory bandwidth.

There is no doubt that Switch is a very powerful portable gaming system but also a very weak home console. A large percentage of games do not push the hardware of ps4 or xbox one and for such games the Switch can have comparable if slightly weaker versions.