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Nintendo immediately follows the HUGE launch success of their flagship platform with...

A couple questionable business decisions:(

1) A new 2DS???

 Reggie just made a statement (probably cuz shareholders are like What is going on??)


In said statement he says 3DS outsells 2DS 9:1 and the reason is cuz people like the 3d function. So they make a clamshell 2DS?? That doesn't address the issue!

2) Nintendo discontinues the NES classic

This is a real head scratcher now. At first it was understandable if they needed to put all that production power into the Switch. But then they turn around and put it into the 2DS!?!? 


Consumers are absolutely chomping at the bit to get it still. It would have sold MILLIONS more easily.



Sometimes I think that the shot-callers at Nintendo need to be TURNED OUT. The game designers, engineers, and shareholders deserve better. If the production lines aren't an issue (as seen by the production going into the New 2DS) listen to your customers, double down on classic systems and sell compilation mini cartridges for NES and SNES mini consoles. You'd be surprised when that is a huge success. Now that the Switch is set in motion the Nintendo Game Machine par excellence will turn it into the next Wii as long as the bumbling Nintendo management doesn't waste their time with rediculous side projects.