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Jaxyfoo said:
I wonder how May will swing. I expect Switch to slow, but not drastically. XB1 usually has fire sales around now, but I get the feeling they don't want to devalue the brand, so are letting things roll till Scorpio. PS4 will be steady, in what will probably be a slow month all round.

If that's the case they're a bit late for that :P

Switch could take this month, especially if Nintendo continues to ramp up production.  Minecraft and Ultra Street Fighter II are stop gaps for sure so the main questions are 1) what is the baseline interest in the hardware itself, 2) how well has Nintendo sold people on the promise of the system, and 3) how long will the MK8D effect last?

The second point is very important.  The PS4 went a long way in 2014 on the promise more so than the product.  People bought their PS4 both for immediate use and as an investment for future releases because Sony really sold that promise well.  Nintendo needs to do the same.  And so far, they've done a good job with ads for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, and ARMS dating back to launch, building interest and anticipation for releases that are still months away.  That could be the x factor in May.