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sethnintendo said:
Nuvendil said:

Exactly.  I classify these as "mop up" systems.  They come in to clean up the last of the sales a platform can get by offering more affordable options that usually have more desirable form factors, allowing the company to capitalize primarily on the backlog.  The New 2DS XL fits that bill perfectly. 

The GameBoy Micro is not the best form factor.  Actually the original GBA was the best form factor (never played on SP but it looks like a hand cramp).  Try playing Street Fighter Alpha 2, F-Zero, or Mario Kart on a GameBoy Micro.  It becomes a hand cramp very quickly especially if you have decent size hands.   I have 20th Anniversary Famicom Edition GameBoy Micro and I'm proud of it but it's only good for games like Advance Wars. I see you put usually there but I still had to bitch about controls.  The original 3DS was crampy also with MK after a decent session along with dare I say the phat DS (fuck snakers in MK DS). 

Exactly! ( While New 2ds xl is and I descibed why in the above quote by me to rolstoppable )



One image, thousand words!


That super tiny screen...