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Quodam_Diem said:
Nuvendil said:

Then shall we compare it to the Wii Mini?  Or perhaps the backlit Gameboy Advance SP?  Or maybe the PSone?  Or the Xbox 360 E? 

Companies have released final revisions of consoles just before or just after their successors many times before.  It's pretty SOP. 

Wii mini was like micro. It came just to fill a very little amount of demand. To be honest,I don't think that it has sold more than a milion. I still don't understand this move, because that time N decided to kill the Wii, there were no important releases.However, we could easily compare it with the other machines you mentioned, cause they had the same characteristic. To wide the install base, as it happened. So, 2DS XL is more likely in the same position as SP, One and E. Besides that, 3DS is still getting games and there is still a market ready to buy one. I also think that this model should have beed released years ago.

Exactly.  I classify these as "mop up" systems.  They come in to clean up the last of the sales a platform can get by offering more affordable options that usually have more desirable form factors, allowing the company to capitalize primarily on the backlog.  The New 2DS XL fits that bill perfectly.