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F.Scofield said:
Hiku said:

He's clearly talking about this generation. And he only mentioned home console games for Sony, not Vita games.
PS4 has way more exclusives than XBO/WiiU/Switch.

Not that the previous generations were any different. Each Playstation console had more exclusives than its competition.

  No it never did, wii alone has exclusives enough to double ps4's+ps3 list of exclusives and ps3 doesn't even stand a chance alone. if you want to go on with this list all the ps3 exclusives and i'll list all the wii exclusives, you can even use sequels, it just can't be on x360/pc or wii.


  EDIT: i'll help you with this, wii : 332 Exclusives, x360: 221,  ps3: 191 exclusives. ps3 doesn't even beat xbox, so what's gonna be your narrative now? make up more narratives that didn't happen to make a point on your arguments?

 Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Wii-only_games


FUN fact: Almost all of those "Wii only games" can be played on Wii U via WiiWare, Virtual console or direct ports on wii U which brings down the tally of exclusive into double digits. But if you still

wanna consider them as exclusive then please consider PS2 games emulation on original launch PS3. 

TIP: Never use wikipedia as source.. e.g. PS3 list doesnt even include tons of japanese only exclusive games.