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Mike321 said:
Tagging, to think it all started with arrow and now it has expanded to a big amount of shows, even animated ones

Yeah I remember hearing about Flash coming into the universe and wasn't too sure about it

Constantine really should have been picked up for a live action series, definitely would have watched that too.

Cancel Supergirl to make room

NPCmates said:
Pretty much watch them all except Super Girl but after seeing those crossover episodes and some certain pictures on the net I think I'll give her a shot......the show that is.

I watch all the live-action shows except Supergirl, I watched the crossover with Flash and didn't like it but I will say she makes a great Supergirl and damn her chemistry with Barry is great.

Darc Requiem said:
I'm surprised that this thread hadn't been created before.

Would be awkward if it was I searched around and couldn't find anything.

Tbh I'm surprised that we don't have OT's for a lot of TV Shows even the big ones, there seems to be a nice sized following for a few of them on VGC but no threads, in general the TV Section is pretty dead.