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I always assumed that WiiU would do better than the gamecube. But, I never expect Nintendo to struggle to produce game has much has they did.

The system actually got off to a decent start. But, Nintendo was clearly not ready for the move to HD. It became clear by year 2 that Nintendo was struggling with making HD games, games development took way too long and there was no more 3rd party support for the WiiU.

Nintendo first party games became mediocre and they weren't able to make top quality games to save the system.

It nice to know that Nintendo still has what it take to make a killer app (Zelda: Breath of the wild). But, WiiU wasn't worth saving, The Nintendo switch will still struggle to gather support but with Nintendo making easier at least from hardware point of view... we can expect more indie support on Switch.

R.I.P. WiiU

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA