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This thread is to discuss about all things Arrowverse, from new show announcements, crossover episodes, Individual shows etc. I've also created this thread because there isn't an official topic for many of these shows and while they can be created at anytime, so far nobody has created them, this thread provides a place to discuss these shows, It also provides extra activity on the back of some of the larger shows while some of the smaller shows wouldn't get much activity on their own.

This thread may also be a good judge of how big certain fan bases are for individual shows and if someone were to want to create an official topic for a specific show I will be willing to discuss it and approve it if you're willing to put the effort in.

Warning: This thread will have discussion about the most recent episodes of many Arrowverse shows.

It would be helpful, though not a rule, If you state at the top of your post which show, season and episode you're talking about.

1. Synopsis for future episodes should be spoiler tagged along with any discussion regarding them, this rule also applies to articles and interviews which discuss future episodes.

2. Once an episode has officially started to air then spoiler tagging is no longer necessary.

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