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Lawlight said:
zero129 said:

Thats with everything on Ultra settings. Put it at the settings it would most likely be running at on the Scorpio and it will run 4K@30fps no problem with room to spare.

Interesting that it only runs RotTR at an average of 44.2fps on high at 1440p:


In any case, $565.49 + shipping for the different components + Controller + mouse + KB + OS + labour. We're looking at $750 to $800.

Seems that you are, as well as most people in this thread, missing the point....since OP seems to be AWOL, I'll simply quote it:

"How Much Would a PC Cost with Specs similar to Scorpio.

Could help us figure out the price of the system."

This is not really about whether particular PC build will be faster, slower or as fast as Scorpio, this is about the price of PC with similar tech and similar performance, so that Scorpio's price can be extrapolated (RX580 actually replaces all those 480s in lists, it is about to launch in a week, it's 6.17TFLOP beefed up RX480, and will most likely replace RX480 at $239 price point).

As I said before, comparing tech and PC prices, I think Scorpio will be $449, if MS gets cocky they will go with $499.