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Chris Hu said:
Skeeuk said:

forza AI has never been good, In fact forza tracks are slightly wider to give an uneducated gamer the sense that they are flying round laps ie it handles well

GT is better all round, i predict GTsport to be one of the biggest games in 2017

No its not FM7 will easily have a higher metascore then GT Sport.  The only X1 Forza game it might have a higher score then is FM5.  Also the tracks is Forza a now very acurate they all have been laser scanned.  Not all the tracks in GT are super acuarte either they totally fucked up the corckscrew turn from Laguna Seca in GT6.

Nobody said anything about how the meta will compare between FM7 and GT Sport...


Oh, and no...Laguna Seca was changed in 2013 after it was scanned for GT6. Not to say that there's anything wrong with Fozas tracks. They just use a different camera angle which makes everything seem wider.

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