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RX480 can only pass 8bit color depth over HDMI...meaning no HDR10 ....lack of UHD player and not accounting for the OS, peripherals or a similar small form factor....making these system builder comparo's silly since you can't achieve tit for tat.

Sure for a desktop setup its decent, but in 2017 you shouldn't set your goals so low as to using an AM3 platform with PCIE 2.0 just to hit a Scorpio price point. Might want an SSD in there to wake a dinosaur up at a decent time too.

Anyway you slice it you end up paying more ,the experience is not as consistent, not to mention aimed at different use case scenarios. Most folk don't want to deal with a cumbersome PC in their livingroom that they can't properly on/shutoff like you can from your controller (its a luxury, lets face it...), need a wireless keyboard to get into windows and navigate a client, deal with Anti virus and driver kernel crashes,  etc...that's why there's a console market in the first place.

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