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Pemalite said:
Mafioso said:

Fx8320E or Fx8300 and mobo...since the latest cat cores are similar perf to Piledriver and you need 8 cores to make this comparo fair  $175

Hell no. Piledriver is significantly better than the Cat Cores.
The Cat cores are extremely shit.

Mafioso said:

Based on Forza 6 Apex 4k perf profile...a GTX 1070/980ti $350

An overclocked Geforce 1060 can do Forza 6, 4k, 60fps. All Ultra settings. That would be the starting point.


That's if you are convinced we are talking of Jaguar as in 2012/13. At worse case scenario this is a Puma+ custom design without the memory controller bottleneck as on the PC.

I'd say based on the custom silicon and unified GDDR5 system memory, for what its meant to do , at the resolution its meant to do it in...it could perform like a Piledriver at 4K.

As far as the GPU goes, apples and oranges. A GTX 1060 has a tiny bus and limited bandwidth and less memory compared to Scorpio for games....and it drops frames at 4K.  Based on the GPU load we saw of Forza 6 Apex on Scorpio, theres lots of room for further optimizations.

Two completely different environments anyways. PC games make VERY Inefficient use of the hardware. That's why for the most part this gen you needed a GTX680 to replicate a PS4 (with a hamstrung 7870, 7850) GPU.  That's the reality...

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