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malistix1985 said:

Well, obviously a double 480 or double 470 would beat the Scorpio in performance, but not nessesarily in 4k performance, you can say a lot about console hardware and obv. pc hardware is faster and anything from a 1070 and up from a nvidia perspective will be better then the scorpio but they balanced the AMD hardware out nicely.

You sure about that? It's able to give the Geforce 1080 a run for it's money.


malistix1985 said:

Pairing two weaker GPU's togheter is always a "driver" and "optimalization" thing that never did well for me personally, I tried it a few times, but the bottum line is from a console perspective what Microsoft has achieved is a big step up from what the ps4 pro did, which has a graphics card weaker then the 470RX

I have been running Multiple GPU's since the late 90's. I can assure you, it's not that big of a deal these days.

And you are right, Microsoft has stepped it up rather massively over the Playstation 4 Pro.
The Playstation 4 Pro's GPU is actually slightly more potent than the RX 470.

malistix1985 said:

And no it won't use the full 8GB's available for Vram, but my expectation is that in most scenario's it will use somwhere between 6 and 6.5GB Vram for the GpU and 1-2GB for the CPU for games so any PC equalivilant card to the scorpio should have the full 8GB to make sure it doesn't hit a treshhold because when Vram runs out FPS starts dropping. Now on the PS4 Pro side most 4GB cards will be enough since it only has 5.5GB available for games ánd the memory is also much slower.

Good. Because your last statement made it sound like as if all 8GB of memory will be reserved for graphics duty. When it won't.

But... We also need to keep in mind that the PC is different than the consoles. A GPU doesn't need to match a console in terms of memory capacity because they both have different memory hierachy's, API's and usage.
When a PC's GPU is full, where does the data reside? System memory.

AMD also has a new technology to provide aid during low-memory situations as well which will be arriving along with Vega, aka. High Bandwidth Cache.

malistix1985 said:

Faster memory is tricky because textures load in- and out faster the amount of memory is a little "less" relevant because of effeciency in moving scenes, now again I am not saying the graphics card is "cutting edge" or anything we've never seen before but basically its a 480 teched unit with more processing cores running on a 1080's speed memory, which is something AMD simply doesn't offer on PC.

That is because AMD doesn't have any high-end GPU hardware. Vega will change that.

The RX 480 is mid-range stuff. It's not breaking any records, ironically... The 300 series had faster hardware.

malistix1985 said:

The RX480 struggles sometimes in 4k, but generally can run quite a few games in 30/4k native but the occations it cannot are possibly fixed by AMD by the customizations, you can see where the ps4 pro sturggles and many of those factors are cleaned out by the Scorpio.

That is because it was never meant for 4k.

People need to realise that the RX 480 is NOT high-end hardware. It's mid-range. The fact that console are being compared against mid-range GPU's is a testament of where they lay in terms of power relative to the PC.

AMD however is offering Crossfire to compete with the Geforce 1080 and 4k.

malistix1985 said:

Its going to be really fun to see how it does pair up with equavilant hardware from PC and see how it competes. Overall its a nice side-kick for my future pc and I am very happy with how it turned out, but this topic is mostly about price and that will be the buy- or skip factor for many games who are on edge on buying or not buying the console, but wether it turns out to be 400 or 500 buying a pc will proberbly not get you the same 4K results in games.

Agreed. However... Before Scorpio launches AMD will launch the 500 series... AMD will essentially rebadge GPU's from the last half decade and sprinkle a couple of Vega-powered GPU's on top.

The current Polaris chips should get a clockrate increase when rebadged as 500 series parts.

nVidia might also give us Pascal refresh before a Volta release.

With that, we don't know everything about Scorpio. It's CPU and GPU architectures are still an unknown.

But if the GPU is Graphics Core Next 4 or older-based, then the console will be outdated before it launches.