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Mr Puggsly said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:

Exactly. Microsoft is in the midst of a contradiction, whilst trying to give everyone "options". They are spreading themselves thin trying to be everything to everyone. In the end, they are just creating a vessel with an eco system second to their competition wherever you look. On PC they are second and on consoles they are second (and if the Switch does well third).

I don't get this argument at all.

They have the affordable X1 S, they will have a premium console option, and they share games with Windows 10 to stimulate that platform and marketplace.

Being second isn't the worst thing in the world. I'll make this point, Vita didn't die because it was second. It died because it had no significant audience. PSP was doing just fine at second.

Switch is a different thing, different audience. It won't even get many of the games coming to PS4 and X1.

You're correct that the Scorpio is an option which was set up by Sony to work in such a fashion as a "mid-gen refresh" with the Pro. As I stated earlier, theres no point in arguing with options because they are a beautiful thing.  This will eventually cause the price of "premium models" will drop to a point where the consumer will question whether to get the base model or the upgrade ( if they care enough and have the cash to spare in the coming years). This is a good way to compete on a small scale, but it will not affect the larger outcome in the grand scheme of things. 

Being in second is one thing, but truthfully if Nintendos projections are correct the Xbox could end up  in third if they are successful in outpacing the Wii. If Nintendo comes with what matters, which is games from all angles on a DS level of value from all parties involved Microsoft will be forced to undersrtand what matters. The PSP was doing fine, but Sony spread themselves too thin trying to manage the PSP while its value was commercially eclipsed by the PS3. Sony understood where the handheld was going hence why their version of the switch leaked, which was created before the switch was announced. They Nintendo beat them to the punch. Sometimes thats how technology works and Sony and Nintendo get it. Nintendo danced around the power issue and tapped into their largest audience whilst trying to hold onto the rest who bought Wii's. Its not very different from the Vita, but the difference is Nintendo's first party will be leading the charge with greater vigor than Sony did with the Vita. Sony applied all of their development force behind the PS3. Thats where I believe they failed. Nintendo never faltered there with the DS and had very strong games from square and others as a result.

The Switch is for gamers. The switch is a console and it isnt as the same time. That makes it more for the gaming enthusiast. I havent enjoyed holding a handheld in years and I wanted a Vita, but wisely chose to move past it. The play anywhere angle Sony was pulling with the Vita/ PS3 combo was better implemeted by Nintendo who merely made the handheld the console and once docked output it to as high as 1080p. In conclusion, Nintendo can compete without taking the same games. They are still in the console race, but running with a suit best fitted for themselves to survive and be legitimate in the current gen. All Odyssey, Mario Kart and Zelda BOTW is an amazing leading AAA experience for Nintendo to woo gamers with in the launch year. I am sure E3 will reveal more games. Unless Microsoft is paying up for timed exclusives, the switch (as was said in another post) will be prioritized even over them. The switch could reach second for the gen and Microsoft third as a result. Not saying it is 100% but the way its being projected id say its a possibility.