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S.T.A.G.E. said:
Kyuu said:
No. Price and specs were perfectly timed. If PS4 Pro fails, then that just means most consumers aren't into mid-gen upgrade as a whole concept.

If Sony made the Pro more powerful and released it 6-12 months after the Scorpio, it would have been too close to the PS5 and more of a late-gen upgrade. The gap between current and next gen Playstation would be too small.

Scropio's absurd power upgrade over the original X1 was an overkill for a mid-gen upgrade. It indicates that Microsoft will no longer produce traditional consoles. They're turning Xbox into a closed PC of sorts.

Exactly. Microsoft is in the midst of a contradiction, whilst trying to give everyone "options". They are spreading themselves thin trying to be everything to everyone. In the end, they are just creating a vessel with an eco system second to their competition wherever you look. On PC they are second and on consoles they are second (and if the Switch does well third).

I don't get this argument at all.

They have the affordable X1 S, they will have a premium console option, and they share games with Windows 10 to stimulate that platform and marketplace.

Being second isn't the worst thing in the world. I'll make this point, Vita didn't die because it was second. It died because it had no significant audience. PSP was doing just fine at second.

Switch is a different thing, different audience. It won't even get many of the games coming to PS4 and X1.

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