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I think good hype could be achieved through a combination of interesting hardware (could be specs, it could be a novel feature, it could be a feature of convenience), combined with good features/exclusives that cannot be experiences anywhere else, and good marketing that keeps the word and mystique surrounding the system alive (pricing is also part of marketing, so that will also matter when it is announced).

I think Scorpio has got the interesting hardware part covered (at least with regards to specs). However, I find it difficult to get hyped for a system with a library that is lacking exclusives because most of the few system (at least compared to Sony and Nintendo) exclusives are also available on PC. I think Scoprio will get the definitive version of most multiplats and that is a selling point to enthusiasts and I believe that along with some of its media features (namely 4K blu-ray support) will make it a competitive option for 4K TV buyers; however, for most people at this point, I do not believe that the performance difference (higher frame rates, down-sampling) will be enough to justify paying for an upgrade or switching console eco-systems (particularly since I predict the system, at minimum, will cost $500 USD).

Personally, as an owner of an Xbox One (and one that does not use the system a lot, since many of the games are also available on PC, where I tend to play them), I am not at all hyped for Scorpio. I was hyped for the Switch and I got one because the ability to take home console level games on the go, which is how I mostly game, has always been appealing for me and Nintendo has got a good deal of exclusives lineup for the first year (albeit it is sorely lacking with regards to third-party AAA support, and I do not suspect that will change even with great sales). Moreover, I am pretty hyped about picking up a PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro soon largely because of the software library and because, frankly, out of the two stationary systems it seems to be the most balanced one; it has great exclusives of a great variety and runs multi-platform games decently, even though I will probably never purchase a multi-platform game on it, even though it might no longer be the platform with the definitive versions of the multi-platform games (though I would argue it probably never was in the first place when we take into consideration most lower tier mid-range gaming PCs run most multi-platform games better than PS4). I think one way MS can change my mind about the Xbox One ecosystem (and maybe even Scorpio) is if they come to E3 with a bunch of varied and unique exclusives for the Xbox One platform.