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Hiku said:

By whatever name you want to call it, that doesn't mean that Atlus would have any less right than Marvel to not have someone showcase the entire story they wrote on youtube or Twitch.

Although it doesn't seem like that's what this is about per say. It doesn't seem to be about monetization, but about preventing spoilers to be spread to a degree.

I can understand them not wanting youtube videos with blatant spoilers in the title. But just streaming it into a VOD (with an apprpriate title) seems fine to me. If you go to a P5 stream, you should expect spoilers.

Perhaps they will lift this restriction after a certain amount of time has passed?

And that's comparing Marvel to a video game company, again video games are not movies or comic books either. Mixing both of them into a Gray area is absically trying to make the area not apepar grey, but appear more within the rights of one side than the other.

The main thing is that people should be going out and playing the games, not searching youtube all the time for anything related to P5, trailer and all, they should be playing the game from start to end. I don't think it's entirely fair to adhere to the spoiler free crowd than it is for everyone else. When these types of topics come up, it's always those that greatly dislike spoilers and they want the job of ignoring them done for them, rather than doing what anyone else could have done for countless centuries and just simply turn the other way or even place more barriers of their own, rather than having the barriers put up against everyone instead. We've already had a thread that showcases an addon for multiple browsers for those who wish to block out spoilers, that solution alone benefits the one not wanting to see any spoilers, all without trying to block it for everyone else. 


If they lift the restriction after a few months, then what's to stop all the others from pulling the same stunt, so then in the end if does come full circle to what I was just talking about. That one small group (small enough to not see see public outrage about it 24/7) that wants everything blocked for their own sake while thinking everyone on the planet wants what they want. 

I love how Youtube is going about blocking videos for people of certain ages, like a parental restrction system, that system goes into the hands of those who wish to use it, rather than YT enforcing it over absolutely anyone. It's better for the spoiler free people to have the option to block said spoilers than it is to let them have control over what anyone else could watch. The last thing the itnernet needs is a small group controlling it.