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Stromprophet said: Uh...you are aware I only have a 360 at the moment. How do you think I was able to measure the box when you were just throwing out guesses, what was that 6ft high for 7 boxes? No. That would be 49" for 7 boxes, and thus 4 ft high. I use M$ not because I'm a fanboy of any system. I just do, there's no particular reason. I owned all 3 last gen, I probably will again. That's how I roll, I don't really take sides. I bet you that both Nintendo and Sony will say they have more shipped than what this site claims they have sold when demand drops off.
You want to bet that this site will show sometime during this year that there is more than a 2.1 million difference between Nintendo's shipped number and vgcharts actual number? I'd definitely take that bet! You absolutely nailed me on that Xbox box discussion! I eyeballed it and guessed 10" each... you actually took the time to get out a measuring stick, the Xbox 360 box, and then you measured it to find it was 7", and then reported your findings here. I was off by 3", and I'm telling you, my face is indeed red because the box size was a crucial point in this entire debate! The fact that you took the time to do all that, definitely proved that I'm a gigantic loser for eyeballing the size, not taking the time to actually measure it, and was off by a whopping 3"! Good work! So, I guess instead of 30 people, you'd have to picture 30 midgets.