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Joined PSN 10th July 2012
Hours played Online: 1900 - Top 1%
Funny is that my most played Game is Black Ops 2 with 2041 Hours, but i almost only played that Game online, i know i had No life in that Game, but i think Sony also counts like Steam when the game is just running and i often just have my PS3/PS4 on even when im not home sometimes or im doing different stuff but my console is still on LOL
Its more like 45-50 days, because i think Cods playtime tracking is actually accurate and when you play the game.

Well and speaking of Black Ops, my most played Game 2016 was also Black Ops 3 with 1379 hours, but thats also not really correct since in the game, Cod says i played 22-23 days and thats far over that number, so yeah that shows, when the Game is not closed its still counting but whatever^^

for trophies im in the Top 3% and my rarest Trophy is the Platinum Trophy "King of the Road" from F1 2015.
And i own 99 Digital Games which makes up for 2% of the PSStore.