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OK, my turn!


I joined PSN on June 29th, 2009, and played 459 hours online with PS+ (top 13%).

I played Final Fantasy 14 a bit, with 1764 hours in (obviously not included in the online hours). In 2016, I played Uncharted 4 for 206 hours.

I only have 6 platinum trophies, and am in the top 3% (I don't trophy hunt, my platinum trophies are for the most part visual novels with really easy plats). My rarest trophy is a Cyber Dimension Neptune one, shared with 21 other players.

And I have 62 games in my digital library, so 1% of all games.


These stats are not that big IMO, I don't seem to have a problem with gaming yet :D (OK, I played a lot less before 2014, most of these stats are post-2014...).