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OdinHades said:

Had to look in my spam. But anyway. Horribly translated from german:

My membership began on May 30th 2008

I played 195 hours online, which puts me in the top 27 %.

My most played game is Grand Theft Auto 4, played it for 252 hours.

In 2016 I (apparently) was totally amazed by Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I played that game for 45 hours. (And I did get a platinum. But it doesn't say that in the e-mail. =P)

With my trophy collection I belong to the top 1%.

My rarest trophy is "Bring Them All On!" (Complete the "ALL ROBOT RUSH" Challenge) from "Mega Man Legacy Collection". Only 138 other people have that one. (At least that's what the e-mail says)

I have 323 games in my digital collection, which is 6 % of the whole PS Store.

That's all.


edit: Ok, there's a catch. At the end of the email it says that the comparisons are only made with people who also get this kind of e-mail. I would imagine that is not everybody on the PSN. I would never be in the top 1% with my lousy trophy collection. Plus, I tried to extrapolate some sales numbers out of this (I just can't help it!). If only 139 people have the Bring them All on trophy from Mega Man Legacy Collection, that would mean the game only sold about 4,000 times, because in the trophy list it says it is obtained by 3,7 % of players. I have a hard time believing it sold THAT bad. 

So yeah, the whole thing is probably not worth too much, but still fun.

Yup, that seems to be the pattern.